Could wearables improve workplace safety?

  • 11 July 2017
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Could wearables improve workplace safety?

Outside of being hooked up to a slew of intimidating monitors, there’s probably no better way to get a good pulse of your physiological performance and health than wearable technology.

But just as wearables are changing the way we track our daily health performance, could the same hold true one day for how companies keep workers safe? The answer is yes.

As we’ve seen with wearables in athletics, the technology has evolved to not only monitor health performance but also safety as well, so we can logically assume there will be a similar progression in the workplace where injuries are unfortunately common.

“Wearable technology, once the domain of professional athletes and sports physiotherapists, is now being used in construction to make data-driven decisions and assess on a micro-level the way workers are moving every day,” said Andrew Ronchi, CEO of dorsaVi, an Australian-based biotechnology company, in an XOEye blog. “Safety managers are paying more attention to methods for reducing injury and costs while improving productivity, the safety culture and education of workers.”

If wearables have become such a game-changer in the competitive world of sports, it’s clear they offer a golden opportunity for workplace safety improvements as well in areas that were once thought impossible. All of that said, remember a wearable is just a means to an end. No one device can magically make a company safer for its workers, but a safety-focused culture that focuses on training workers properly and encourages those employees to speak up when they spot a risk will. That’s the true gold standard.

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